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Welcome to the Jolly Hookers

The Jolly Hookers fishing club is a group of men who love to fish on a regular basis.  

We meet once a month for breakfast, with after-breakfast seminars on how to catch fish at the places where that month’s outings are to be held, and have outings scheduled throughout the year.  We fish mostly in lakes throughout Northern California.  

On our website we have information about many of the great fishing spots in Northern California - mostly lakes within a few hour radius - including tips we’ve gathered on how to fish them successfully.  Our “links” page gives you information on local guide services and some great and useful websites.  Please feel free to browse our site and consider joining us for a meeting or an outing.

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting is a regular breakfast meeting on Friday, October 11 beginning at 8 am.

The meeting will be at the Rancho Cordova Elks Lodge, 11440 Elks Circle, Rancho Cordova.

Fisherman of the Year - 2019

There are two types of fisherman - those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish.

Our hosts for the New Melones derby in September were Al Smith, Bill Alsup, Henry Sperry and Sandra Smith. They reserved a campsite in the campground at the lake that was used for our lunch and weigh-in. It was a very nice location with plenty of room to park with restrooms next to the site.  

Special thanks goes out to Sandra for she gave up a morning of fishing to stay at the campsite to prepare our lunch. She cooked us spaghetti, made French bread and salad in the motorhome and had it ready when we were done fishing. It was a nice setting in the trees overlooking the lake with friends.

There were only five boats and 11 fisherman.  It was a bass fisherman’s dream, as we caught black bass. Trout and kokanee were hard to catch, but the ones that were taken were nice.  Rene Villanueva caught three nice kokanee the day of derby, and the day before the NDO Walt Summers got a six-pound rainbow trout In Rene’s boat.

Thanks again to our host for a wonderful day.

Taking first place in the derby was Bob Schmidt with a 6.3 pound trout. Second place went to Ron Madsen with a 3.63 pound trout. Rounding out the top five were Rene Villanueva with a 1.71 pound kokanee in third, Sammy Osuna in fourth with a 1.38 pound trout, and John Frantz in fifth with a 1.36 pound trout.

Fisherman of the Year

Standings through September

1 (tie) – Rene Villanueva, Bob Schmidt 44

3 – Steve Willett 37

4 (tie) – Walter VanHoy, Henry Sperry 31

5 – Allan Smith 28

7 (tie) – John Frantz, Paul Willett 27

9 – Bill Alsup 26

What’s New:

The State of California has a website that records the daily levels of various reservoirs in the state. This is a great resource to see the levels of a lake or reservoir you may be going to.  Click here.

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Permits Now Required for Derbies and NDOs

After a long meeting with a Department of Fish and Wildlife, we have concluded that we need to have permits to hold our Derbies and NDOs on California lakes and rivers  This will result in an additional cost to the Jolly Hookers but be worth it in the long run.

You can read the whole story here.