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Welcome to the Jolly Hookers

The Jolly Hookers fishing club is a group of men who love to fish on a regular basis.  

We meet once a month for breakfast, with after-breakfast seminars on how to catch fish at the places where that month’s outings are to be held, and have outings scheduled throughout the year.  We fish mostly in lakes throughout Northern California.  

On our website we have information about many of the great fishing spots in Northern California - mostly lakes within a few hour radius - including tips we’ve gathered on how to fish them successfully.  Our “links” page gives you information on local guide services and some great and useful websites.  Please feel free to browse our site and consider joining us for a meeting or an outing.

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting is a regular breakfast meeting on Friday, August 9, beginning at 8 am.

The meeting will be at the Rancho Cordova Elks Lodge, 11440 Elks Circle, Rancho Cordova.

Fisherman of the Year - 2019

There are two types of fisherman - those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish.

We had a little bit below average turnout at our July derby at Ice House reservoir. We had 19 Jolly Hooker fisherman and two guests.

At the derby most of us were caught off guard with the weather. The morning started out just perfect but around 9:30 things began to change. It started out with a few drops of rain and then went into a few downpours.  We felt sorry for those who didn’t have a canopy top over their boats and had sit out the rain.  It was like the cloud or storm just hung over the lake.  It was a warm rain that started and stopped a few times with a little wind mixed in.By 11:30 the storm moved out with the sound of thunder rolling over the mountains.  By lunch time it was partly cloudy and getting to a warm 82 degrees.

Winning the derby was Steve Willett with a 2.77 pound trout. Coming in a close second was Larry Henle at 2.71. Rounding out the top five were Bob Schmidt at third with a 2.31 pounder, Henry Sperry in fourth with a 2.02 pounder, and taking fifth was Jim Smith with a 1.89 pounder.

Fisherman of the Year

Standings through July

1 – Rene Villanueva 33.

2 – Steve Willett 32

3 – Bob Schmidt 28

4 – Walter VanHoy 27

5 (tie) – John Frantz, Paul Willett 22

7 – Rick Schrichfield 21

8 – Ben LaSala 20

9 (tie) – Ron Madsen, Steve Esklidsen, John Kinslow, Henry Sperry 19

What’s New:

The State of California has a website that records the daily levels of various reservoirs in the state. This is a great resource to see the levels of a lake or reservoir you may be going to.  Click here.

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Policy regarding Derby and NDO Cancellations

When last minute cancellation or changes to the NDO and Derbies are made, we will contact only the captains on the signup sheet. The captains will then contact their group, talk it over and let us know if they are still planning to go.This saves time and phone calls on our part. It’s one of the reasons why it’s important to sign up or to let us know if you planning to go to an event.

You need to call Walter Van Hoy for the NDOs or Bob Schmidt for the derbies.  It is best to call us before Friday night before the event. This way we can refund you if needed, and we can call the derby host to add or subtract you to their lunch.  If there is a No Show and No Call for any event, any money collected is not refunded.

It is very important to let us know if you can’t make the event, even on that day.  We have even taken calls from the boat from members who couldn’t make it for unforeseen problems the day of the derby.