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2020 Schedules


Derbies are scheduled for Tuesdays following the NDO.  Locations will be announced at breakfast meetings each month.

Date  Location/Host(s)

JAN 21 Camanche Lake Bob Schmidt / Gene Pearson

FEB 25 Lake Pardee Ben LaSala / Steve Paulick

MAR 24 Open

APR 21 Delta  Milo Tubbs / Chuck Harris

MAY 19 Lake Berryessa Paul & Steve Willett

JUN 23 Lake Oroville Ron Madsen / Sam Osuna

JUL 21 Ice House Al Smith / Bill Alsup / Henry Sperry  

AUG 25 Open

SEP 22 Open

OCT 20 Sacramento River John Frantz / Mike Devore

NOV 24 Delta

Dec Tiebreaker if necessary  

All Locations Subject to Change   

Non-derby Outings (NDO)

NDOs are generally scheduled for the Tuesday following the monthly Friday meeting.

Date         Location

January 14 Camanche Lake

February 18 Camanche Lake

March 17 Pardee   

April 14 Delta  

May 12 Lake Berryessa

June 16 Open

July 14 Ice House

August 18 Open

September  15 Open

October 13 Sacramento River

November 17 Delta

All Locations Subject to Change  

Special Outings

Date                Location  

None scheduled yet

The Three Rules of Fishing

1. Bait your own hook.

2. Clean your own fish.

3. Tell your own lies.